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Zubida Al-Majdoub

University of Manchester, UK

Zubida Al-Majdoub has performed her undergraduate studies in Tripoli University, Libya and worked there as Teaching Assistant. She has completed her MPhil in Medicinal Chemistry from School of Pharmacy, University of Manchester, followed by a PhD in Quantitative Proteomics under the supervision of Professor Simon Gaskell and Dr. Jill Barber.
Today she is a Research Associate in the group of Professor Amin Rostami-Hodjegan in Division of Pharmacy & Optometryat at the University of Manchester. Her research work focus is global and targeted proteomics for quantification of human transporters.


Global and Targeted Proteomics for Quantification of Human Blood-Brain Barrier Transporters in Health and in Dementia

The blood-brain-barrier (BBB) remains a focal point of interest for many scientists who are working on approaches to deliver various therapeutic agents into the brain. Alterations to BBB proteins can lead to changes in brain function affecting the susceptibility of the CNS to exposure to xenobiotics in the systemic circulation. Zubida’s research focused on the quantification of transporters, enzymes and other proteins at BBB and measurement protein content of the microvascular fraction to populate PBPK model predicting drug disposition and the potential differences in health and disease.