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Organizers 2019

Surname Name Institute Research Group
Mihaela Bozukova MPI for Biology of Ageing RG Tessarz
Kai Fiedler MPI for Biology of Ageing Dept. Langer
Jennifer Gerbracht Institute for Genetics RG Gehring
Dieu Hien Ho CECAD RG Trifunovic
Chih-hsuan Hsin Center for Pharmacology RG Fuhr
Yvonne Lasarzewski MPI for Biology of Ageing Dept. Langer
Hong Nhung Nguyen Institute for Anatomy I RG Wodarz
Fabian Schorn CECAD RG Kashkar
Britta Thewes MPI for Biology of Ageing Dept. Langer
Julia Tschirka Center for Pharmacology RG Gründemann
Paul Werthenbach CECAD RG Kashkar


Mission statement

The Crossroads in Biology (CiB) symposium is solely organized by students-members of the Graduate School for Biological Sciences at the University of Cologne.

Our meeting aims at bringing together students with leading scientists and private sector representatives, working on diverse fields of research, to provide a forum for multidisciplinary discussions and to create a network for future collaborations.

Students are given the opportunity to show their own research by giving a talk or presenting their work on a poster. Furthermore, small discussion groups will allow students to meet and discuss with the speakers in an informal setting.

Thanks to our sponsors, supporters and volunteers, CiB is a free-of-charge meeting open for everyone. In case you wish to attend the welcome party or meet one of the speakers, please do not forget to register. Access to all the above activities will be granted to registered CiB participants only!

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via

We are looking forward to seeing you in Cologne!