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Alexey Amunts

University of Stockholm, Sweden

Our research group investigates the fundamental question of how proteins are synthesized, folded and assembled into functional multicomponent membrane complexes that drive the cellular energy production.To dissect the mechanism and dynamics of translation, membrane insertion and bioenergetics in mitochondria and chloroplast, we use cryo-EM.


Crossroads in mitochondrial Biology

Our group determined cryo-EM structures of the human mitoribosome with mRNA, tRNAs and translation activators in 8 different functional states, as well as its assembly intermediates. We also determined the complete atomic model of a mitochondrial ATP synthase and unusual type of a plant Photosystem I. 

These studies showed that macromolecular machineries in organelles have adopted intricate compositions and unique tasks, adding incredible complexity to the records. The achieved understanding of the architecture of these specialized systems provides now a framework to study even more sophisticated questions regarding the assembly and evolution mechanisms of the critical bioenergetic membranes that fuel life.